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Aicube Care shower chairs, grab bars, shower doors are designed  in fashion trends and super high quality,for people who need assistance and care. All products are with certificates and patens.

Grab Rails
Grab Rails

Grab bars for toilet, support arms for elderly care, hinged foldable grab bars installed beside the toilet, for assisting people to stand up.

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Grab Bars
Grab Bars

Fixed grabs for bathroom, grab bars for safety, with different length and different colors of flange base cover.

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Shower Chairs
Shower Chairs

Shower chairs with backrest and arms, height adjustable bath chairs, shower seats foldable installed for aged people

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Shower Doors
Shower Doors

Shower doors in variety of styles made in super quality aluminum and certified tempered glass.

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years of experience

Aicube Care is the bathroom expert with unqiue and fashion design of products produced for elderly, pregnant woman,people with limited mobility,and others in bathroom or washroom use. The full range of products are designed in a complete integrated counter-balance flexible system. They are not only with high quality certified but also provide  high taste vision as an art.

Since its establishment in 1998, Guangzhou SELAQUA Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. has been developing series of elegant, generous, scientific, practical, safe and reliable products based on the management concept of "People Oriented and Doing things Faster, Smarter and Better". Their Aicube Care products are the experts in Age Care industry. Aicube corperates with famous rehabilitation centers and nursing homes and have devoted full study the demand for the elder population and people who with limit functionality or require a mobility aids, considering ergonomics and all possible matters may happan to them. We have carefully designed and developed ranges of products which make sure people feel comfortable and security when staying in the bathroom or washiong room. All the products are strictly tested and qualified with certificates and the main body construction of the products are registered with our own design patent. The unique and fashion design provides relaxing and comfortable bath experience for all people. It is the best choice for those who need assistance.
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Shower Chairs Certification Shower Chairs Certification
Shower Seats Certification Shower Seats Certification
Support Rails Certification Support Rails Certification
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Hot Protucts

Our products are popularly installed in rehabitlitation centers, nursing homes, hospitals, hotels,  as well as private bathrooms for a relaxing and comfortable shower experience. Aicube Brand shower seats, toilet support rails, and other bathroom accessories are well designed and manufactured.They are all made and treated as an unique art with super high quality.All are strictly tested and awarded with certifications.

disabled shower seat height adjustable
Adjustable shower seat wall mounted for elderly

Shower seat allows individuals i.e. seniors/elderly or anyone with limited mobility or injury to sit during shower. Create a relaxing shower experience, allows fall risk individuals to shower independently.

Foldable shower grab rails
Toilet grab rails hinged foldable for elderly care

Toilet grab rails with foldable hinge. Install for handicap or elderly. Available in different styles of installation. Made in super grade aluminium alloy. Safety support in bathroom. Weight loading capacity 150kgs.

wall mounted folding bath seat
Foldable bath seat wall mounted for comfortable shower

The foldable bath seat is used for shower safety. We use high quality UF materials to build this strong shower seat, professionally installed to wall with its durable frame and strong hinges. It can hold up to150kgs, reliable for elderly, pregnant woman and others in shower use. You can also install it at hallway as a wall-mount bench for changing shoes or rest.

Ada bathroom grab rail
ADA adjustable shower grab rails for bathroom

Ada bathroom grab bars for shower. Install and adjust easily without tools. Flexible in different  height. Made in solid grade aluminum alloy. Safe support in bathroom. Weight loading capacity 150kgs.

U-shaped hinged support rails
U-shaped Toilet Support Rails

This safety handle can be installed in bathroom, toilet, sides of bathtub wall and anywhere you want. It is perfect for pregnant, disabled persons, the elderly, post-operative mobility-impaired people and so on. Help them keep balance and finish daily washing. Perfect to use at home bathroom, hotel, nursing home, hospital.

Handrails And Grab Bars
Shower Grab Bar for elderly care in bathroom

Ideal for those with limited mobility, balance issues or difficulty standing for long periods of time, the ADA grab bar provides greater leverage and support in the bathroom and other indoor locations. The aluminum grab bar enhances stability for greater independence by minimizing the risk of slips and falls.

bathroom  shower seat with arms and backrest
Bathroom wall hung u-shaped shower seat with arms and backrest

Shower chair allows individuals i.e. seniors/elderly or anyone with limited mobility or injury to sit during shower. Create a relaxing shower experience; allows fall risk individuals to shower independently. It is thetop priority used at nursing home or hospital.U-shaped cutout is for proper hygiene.

shower screens semi-frame telescopic
semi-frame telescopic shower screen

In-line telescopic shower screen with return panel in bright chrome and mat black finish.

Aicube Care products need to be installed in a correct way to make sure users' security. Installation: These items of wall track, shower seats and support rails must be secured to the solid walls.  Make sure that the bathroom walls are strong enough to bear the weight up to 150kgs.  Products must be installed professional by a qualified persons, e.g.a licensed plumber.  The included fixings are for use with solid walls only. It is the installer’s responsibility to  ensure that the correct fixings are used for suit the wall type. The use of incompatible fixings  could lead to property damage and/or personal injury. For cavity walls, the support arm must be fixed to the internal wall stud or a solid framing structure.  It is the responsibility of the installer to ensure that the wall structure is capable of supporting loads of up to 150kgs. Care and Maintenance: 1.Clean with a soft cloth and warm soapy water 2.Do not use harsh detergents, corrosive chemicals, or abrasive cleaners. 3.We recommends that chalky deposits be removed from aluminum parts using a solution of 3:7 acetic acid: tapwater.  When the aluminium parts have been washed down with this solution, the parts must be wipped over with a damp cloth,wrung out in clear water. The product must be wipped down with a soft rag wrung out in clear water immediately  after cleaning, as some materials may otherwise be discolored and stained, and the surface coating may deteriorate.
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  • 01 design styles design styles

    Aicube Care products  are considered and designed in a universal flexible system.  Height adjustable hinged toilet support arms will facilitate a greater number of transfers on and off the toilet and provide better support than fixed height support arms. For any shower that might be included in a Changing Places facility, we recommend height adjustable chairs with backrests and support arms. Height adjustable seating should easily adjust to meet the exact requirements of unknown users. Height adjustable sinks will provide comfortable positions for standing or seated users in Changing Places. We provide a variety of options that can be adjusted in height by as much as 250mm if necessary. Best results are achieved with flexible bathroom arrangements using track mounted products. Supportive items such as hinged arms and shower chairs can be moved left and right on the horizontal wall tack or moved to another area of the bathroom altogether.

  • 02 Services Services

    We produce and supply standard model.  Big quantity will be made to order.   Small order is also welcome.  Some hot selling models can be delivered from stock directly.  Please contact us for details.  


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