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Anuual Sales Summary News

Jan 09, 2024

We are pleased to present to you the summary report of our company's sales performance for the year 2023, as we successfully concluded the year on a high note. Over the past year, our company has achieved remarkable results, surpassing multiple sales records and attaining a resounding victory.

First and foremost, we celebrate a significant growth in our total sales revenue. Compared to the previous year, our total sales revenue has increased by 35%. Particularly, our sales of the Grab Bars, Support Arms,  Handrail, Shower Stool and Bath Seats products have experienced notable growth. This achievement would not have been possible without the relentless efforts and dedication of our professional sales team, as well as the tremendous support from our valued customers and partners. We sincerely appreciate your trust and cooperation!

Furthermore, our company has made substantial progress in terms of market share. With our high-quality products and services, we have successfully captured a larger share of the market, gaining recognition and appreciation from our extensive customer base. This provides us with a broader space and a solid foundation for our future development.

Simultaneously, we have made breakthrough achievements in emerging markets. Through proactive market exploration and product innovation, we have made remarkable sales performance in some emerging markets. This represents a significant milestone for our company, showcasing our strength and potential.

In addition to our outstanding sales performance, we have also focused on enhancing customer satisfaction and brand image. We understand that customers are the driving force behind our development, and thus, we continuously improve the quality of our customer service to meet their individualized needs. Our efforts in this area have been acknowledged by our vast customer base, elevating our brand reputation and competitiveness.

In the coming year, we will uphold the principle of "customer-centricity" and continue to innovate and optimize our products and services, striving to provide better solutions. We believe that through the collective efforts of our team and proactive market expansion, we will continue to achieve new breakthroughs in our sales performance.

Lastly, we extend our heartfelt appreciation to every employee for their dedication and efforts, and we express gratitude to every customer and partner for their support and trust. It is your support and collaboration that have enabled us to achieve remarkable success in the sales field. Looking ahead, we are filled with confidence and anticipation!

Thank you, everyone!


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