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Our Company Shines at the 2023 October Canton Fair with Silver Hair Zone

Nov 01, 2023

Our Company is pleased to announce its successful participation in the October 2023 Canton Fair, where our unique Silver Hair Zone garnered significant attention from the audience. In addition to showcasing traditional products such as shower rooms, we proudly presented an array of high-end elderly care equipment, achieving remarkable success.

As a leading innovative enterprise in the domestic market, Our Company has always been committed to providing thoughtful and convenient products for the elderly. The establishment of the Silver Hair Zone aimed to meet the growing demands of the elderly population and showcase the application of modern technology in the field of elderly care. In our exhibition area, we concentrated on presenting a range of uniquely designed and highly functional products, including multi-functional sitting bath equipment, comfortable bath seats, and electrically adjustable washbasins.

These elderly care products not only feature practicality but also incorporate elements of fashion and art, demonstrating distinctive design concepts. The multi-functional sitting bath equipment, utilizing advanced materials and a unique lifting system, offers a stable, safe, and comfortable sitting bathing experience. The ergonomic design of the comfortable shower seats provides elderly individuals with a comfortable bathing experience. The electrically adjustable washbasin adopts advanced lifting pushrod technology, allowing for easy and comfortable use at various heights to accommodate different user needs.

During the fair, our Silver Hair Zone attracted a large number of visitors. Numerous professionals, industry insiders, and elderly individuals alike were captivated by and experienced these high-quality elderly care bathroom products. They highly praised the functionality and design of our products while also recognizing the profound strength of our company in product research and development and innovation.

high-quality elderly care bathroom products

The successful conclusion of the Canton Fair not only showcased our company's strength in the field of elderly care bathroom products, but also further enhanced our reputation and influence within the industry. In the future, our company will continue to increase research and development investment, relentlessly innovate, and provide more high-quality and practical products to meet the elderly's care needs.

We believe that with our unwavering dedication and dynamic team collaboration, these excellent achievements are just the beginning. We will continue to strive to drive progress and development in the elderly care equipment industry.


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