LED glass panel railings

Glass railings are an essential feature of any outdoor project requiring a guard rail for safety, or can be used simply as an eye-catching display to enhance your outdoor living area. Make your home lovely inside and outside. The tempered glass provides homeowners a safe, durable and clear view. It is perfect to be used for Residential, Commercial and Multi-Family applications, installed around swimming pools, decks, balconies, gardens and so on.

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    Aluminum , tempered glass
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Simply beautiful and simply elegant! Easy to install and easy to maintain! High performance railing that resists test of time!

Easy to install and Complete Solution

  1. Aluminum Railing system is the easiest system on the market to install.Our component aluminum railing system is designed to meet your project requirements. This means no need for welding, gluing, painting or customs fabrication to complete your project. Whether you are a homeowner or contractor, you will appreciate the ease of installation and the low maintenance of the product. 
  2. Complete set of post with LED strip, post cap, stainless steel base plate that is corrosion-resistant.
  3. For swimming pools, if gate is needed, the gate will be assembled with two glass hinges and one pair of automatic closing lock.

glass railings components

Safety and Durability

  1. Our glass railing products are safety and durability. The railing system is made from high strength  aluminum alloys and engineered to resist the tests of time and whether and proven to outperform vinyl, composite ,wood and steel materials. They are engineered with the homeowner’s safety and satisfaction at the forefront.
  2. We test our products to meet the USA and Canada requirements, under the standard regulations from Germany TUV 2PfG 2527:2016-06. We have passed In-fill load test, uniform load test, concentrated load test. And we have a destructive testing in in-house laboratory to pull the post at a maximum strength. It bent at 90kgs’ strength, while the normal products in the market bent at 50kgs pulling strength

LED light system

  1. Glass fence is with LED lighting system.  It creates a perfect outdoor living area and makes your home outdoor lighting up and   come alive.
  2. LED strip is exterior moisture resistant (waterproof rating IP66), cold resistant and hot resistant (-30/+80 degree).                Low voltage as 12V, nominal output 6.16W. With continues operation life 50000 hours. 
  3. Easy install. It is already with connection head and pre-assembled packed with the aluminum post, just PLUG AND PLAY 
  4. Standard stock with Blue color strips, White color and RGB remote control are available with demanded quantity.  
  5. The wires go through and along at the bottom of glass is invisible, this wire and transformer need to be bought by buyers meet their local requirements.


Project Materials need

Give us the dimension of your project site, we will make a layout plan and calculate the materials needed.

Please always refer to your local Building code for guidelines and limitations before you begin your projects


  1. The post and rails are made of high strength never-rust aluminum alloys.
  2. We have two finish options: Black color with premium powder coat finish and bright chrome polished anodize oxidation with oxidized film thickness 8μm.
  3. Post dimension is :50x50x1250mm , 50x50x900mm, 50x50x600mm. Top and bottom rails max 6 meters
  4. The 12mm Tempered Glass panels meet and exceed code specifications in U.S. and Canada. Impact resistant and complies with standard 2PfG2572:2016-06 requirements.
  5. Glass sizes are available from 900mm to 1500mm wide (36″ to 59″ wide) in 100mm/4 inch increments.
  6. Fasteners are all in stainless steel.