Operation Instructions for the support arms

July 30 , 2021
Intended use of the support arms
The support arm is used as support for a person when he or she sits down or gets up from a toilet.

Intended user

The product can be used by all - adults, children, young and old .

Operating environment

For indoor use in a wet environment, such as a bathroom or wash room, in private homes, nursing homes and hospitals. .For institutional use , the expected life time is 10 years. Life cycle test performed according to ISO 17966:2016


If the product is installed in an atmosphere heavy in salt or chloride, the warranty will be reduced from the normal 5 years to 1 year. Salt and chloride have a corrosive effect on the products components and will cause a decrease in the life expectancy of the product. The damaging effects can, however, be reduced if the product is showered with tap water on a daily basis.

Operating instructions

All support arms
Fold the support arm fully down.Fold it back up when not in use.You can hear a click when the support arm is correctly folded up.

Height adjustable support arms

To adjust upwards, pull the product upwards
To adjust downwards, pinch the locking button ①and hold it closed while moving support arm down
Release the locking to secure the support arm in place.Make sure that the locking pin is engaged in the notch

Sideways adjustable support arms

Release the locking button ① and move the support arm side aways. Tighten the locking button again to secure the support arm in place.

Height and sideways adjustable support arms

Use the locking button ② and the locking button ③ to adjust the support arm horizontally and vertically.

Dismounting from wall track
To remove the support arm from the wall track, release the locking button ①and lift the support arm upwards.

Mounting on wall track
Hook the upper part of the support arm on the wall track

Click the lower part of the support arm firmly to the wall track . Lock the locking button.

Dismounting from vertical track

Remove the set screw ① and slide the support arm upwards and free of the vertical track

Mounting on vertical track

Pinch the locking button and hold way which differs from that described in the guidearm down on the vertical track.

Release the locking to secure the support arm in place .Make sure that the locking pin is engaged in the notch.

Remount the set screw.


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