Operation Instructions for the shower seats

August 02 , 2021
Intended use
The shower seat is used to sit on during showering.

Intended user

The 360 seat is well suited for children and small adults, whereas the 420 seat can

accomodate large persons, whose weight does not exceed the maximum  load of 150 kg / 331 lbs.

Operating environment

For indoor use in a wet environment, such as a bathroom or wash room.
The product is intended to be used at room temperature, in a stand-alone
environment, in private homes, nursing homes and hospitals under normal working conditions.


If the product is installed in an atmosphere heavy in salt or chloride, the
warranty will be reduced from the normal 3 years to 1 year.
Salt and chloride have a corrosive effect on the products components and
will cause a decrease in the life expectancy of the product. The damaging
effects can, however, be reduced if the product is showered with tap water on a daily basis.

Operating instructions

Folding the seats and armrests

Fold the shower seat and the armrest (if fitted) fully down. Fold it back up when not in use. You can hear a click when the shower seat and the armrest are correctly folded up.

Take care to avoid injury to hands when in the vicinity of closing moveable parts 1

Adjusting the seat and the backrest

To adjust upwards, pull the shower seat upwards.
To adjust downwards, pinch the locking button ① and hold it closed while moving shower seat down.

Release the locking button to secure the shower seat in place.

Make sure that the locking button pin is engaged in the notch.

Adjusting the armrests
Armrests can also be adjusted independently from seat and backrest.
To adjust the armrests upwards, pull upwards at the shoulders ① until desired height is reached and a click is heard.
To adjust the armrests downwards, pull the armrests all the way to the top, then support them all the way to the lowest position, and then pull upwards again to the desired position until a click is heard.

Adjusting sideways

Release the locking button ② and move the shower seat sideways.

Tighten the locking button again to secure the seat in place


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