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March 03 , 2021
No one wants to have any constraints in a free and independent life, but the years always inadvertently change everyone. As time goes by, the years are stained white on the temples of your parents. When they can no longer complete the daily living chores as before, do you feel helpless to worry about it but cannot serve because of your affairs. Aicube Care, as China's first age care brand, has been committed to the design and development of sophisticated bathroom solutions for many years to improve the quality of users' daily lives and ensure that users' investment in high-tech bathroom facilities is worthwhile. The plan design fully respects the actual needs of users, nursing staff and customers, and provides excellent consulting services for all parties in the bathroom layout design and the best use of products. Always focus on your attention.

Respect the elderly

elderly care shower seats and support arms

Physical limitations should not reduce the independence of life. Every independent person does not want to be a burden on others. The philosophy of Keep living has always been guiding Aicube Care to strive for excellence, and constantly develop more functional and flexible bathroom solutions to serve the elderly with limited physical capabilities. Let the elderly with limited physical abilities live more dignified on their own.

Help the elderly

Respecting human nature and helping them enjoy a better life without being restricted by their bodies is the starting point of Aicube Care product design. Applying modern technology to practice, the design concept of flexibility and reflection perfectly meets the needs of users, tailored to the needs of users as the core of the design, rather than adapting to the bathroom layout.

age care bathroom solution

Product display

aicube care bathroom safety care products


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