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Jul 19, 2021

Recently, our shower rooms , shower enclosures, shower doors, shower fixed panel and safe care  products have participated in the carbon label certifying, making preparations for responding to the world's carbon emission reduction and energy conservation.

What is a carbon label?The so-called "carbon label", as the name suggests, refers to the emission of a single product during the entire life cycle from raw material mining to production and processing to final disposal in order to mitigate climate change, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and promote low-carbon emission technologies Greenhouse gases are indicated on the product label with a quantitative index, which informs consumers of the carbon information of the product in the form of a label.

green shower enclosures energy coversation

In terms of categories, carbon labels can be divided into "carbon disclosure labels", "carbon reduction labels" and "carbon neutral labels".The carbon labeling system has been used for a long time in some foreign countries and regions. The United Kingdom introduced the world’s first carbon label in 2006. Subsequently, the United States, Germany, France, Japan, Canada, South Korea, Thailand and other countries and regions have successively introduced their own carbon label systems, which are more representative and influential. The more widespread is the British carbon labeling system.

The implementation of the British carbon label was completed by the British government and its domestic Carbon Trust company, and launched the world's first carbon label evaluation standard: PAS2050. The standard specifies how to evaluate the carbon footprint of products from the perspective of the entire life cycle, and has become one of the three major international carbon label evaluation/certification standards that are as famous as ISO14067 and GHG Protocol.

The Carbon Trust has introduced two types of carbon labels, namely carbon dioxide measurement labels (the "carbon disclosure labels" mentioned above) and carbon dioxide emission reduction labels.

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