Production plan for Chinese New Year

Dec 09, 2021

At the end of the year, we would like to thank all of our customers for all the cooperation and support in the last year. 2021 is an unusual year. There were too much un-controllable and unexpected situations occurred. We have been experiencing the pandemic outbreaks time to time. We have been experiencing the cargo stuck as mountains in warehouse due to shortage of containers and unaffordable shipping rate. We have been experiencing the continuous increasing materials cost.  In this hard situation , we are still keeping the operation in order, thanks for all the good corporation from our customers.

Chinese New Year holiday time is coming soon.  We are working on a production plan for the shower doors, bathroom support rails, shower seats  for this Big Holiday. We may probably have our holiday from Jan 27th till Feb 15th ,2022. Some other suppliers who produce aluminum alloys, hardwares, glass and plastic parts may not come back to regular production until  March, but our customers are organizing their orders in advance well to make sure of they have sufficient stock for sales.

Hope in the coming new year, all the situation will be better than last year.


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